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Kardiani Village

Kardiani is built on a verdant slope about 15km northwest of the main port. The verdure-covered area full of huge plane trees, quite an uncommon sight for a Cycladic island, bears testament to the abundance of water in the region. Indeed, drinking water springs are found everywhere, even inside the village's houses. The green surroundings along with the chill breeze have long deemed Kardiani as the village with the healthiest climate on the island.

Kardiani is also a charming settlement with delicately paved narrow alleys, numerous carved arches and traditional whitewashed beautiful houses. The finesse of Tinian marble sculpting is evident here as well, and visitors will admire statues and engraves on public spaces and buildings. Streams flow through the village and fill numerous springs with fresh drinking water; an ideal stop during cycling or hiking trips. The mix of exquisite natural beauty and exemplary architecture witnessed in Kardiani, make this village truly stand out as one of the prettiest on the whole island.

Tripotamos Village

On the west-central part of Tinos, 4km from the main port, on the foothills of Mount Exobourgo, lies one of the oldest villages of the island, Tripotamos. The village is built between three rivers and it consists of beautiful arches, whitewashed steps, arcades and narrow alleys. Within walking distance of the village are the ruins of the medieval town but there are also findings dating back to the Prehistoric and Geometric period. From Tripotamos, well maintained and signposted trekking trais start leading to the town and its hinterland.

In this picturesque village one can find the worth-seeing church of Esodia Theotokou (The Presentation of the Virgin) decorated with some fine marble works of art. This beautiful village is the birthplace of the internationally famous modern Greek philosopher Kornilios Kastoriadis.

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