In Tinos, in the traditional settlements of Kardiani and Tripotamos where the Aegean dream still unfolds like a fairytale, two different old stone forms of the same architectural culture agreed to start out on their journey and reach their destination unrecognizable, differently familiar and yet identical to when they were born.

For the architects-developers, buildings of a necessary form, found in the traditional settlements, are a source of inspiration. They are Aegean buildings where architectural expression transcended its design and became an art of a shape-forming craftsmanship. They are ''forms'' with the stubbornness of a historical document that reveal their cultural origin following laws of their own: respect for the landscape, economy of materials, multiple needs, dimensions on a human scale. In an effort of dignity and self-respect, the architects seek in our roots old unyielding «forms», made of stone and covered in cobwebs, which refuse to be forgotten and, in agreement with them, and try to bring them to the surface, so that they might live again before the astonished eyes their Aegean origins and revive their worldly purpose without an extension of time, a time-frame or a rain check.

UniqueTinos manages these two villas in an uncompromising version, at the heart of the villages with a fantastic view of the Aegean, as a contemporary composite touristic proposal, where accommodation is conceived with sophisticated diligence, fulfilling the most demanding expectations. UniqueTinos insists on providing this touristic product, along with customised high quality hospitality services, and aims at exporting experiential tourism, based on the contemporary holiday model and its potential, through this innovating and evolving touristic approach, where the guest him-self becomes partaker.


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Sebastien, France

Villa Tripotamos, may 2019 

"L'endoit est idéal pour randonner, se prélasser, et profiter de la tranquilité du lieu."

Odile, France

Villa Kardiani, may 2019

"Vue sublime! Petits déjeuners copieux et variés!"

Nice, Brazil

Villa Tripotamos, may 2019

"Lugar maravilhoso! Todos os dias a proprietaria nos trazia um cesta de cafe da manha completa. Para voltar e passar mais tempo!"

Agnès, France

Villa Tripotamos, august 2018

"Entering the ground we can't stop smiling because of the beauty of this place and the charming welcome of Christina../..We will never forget the wonderful moments in Tripotamos and if ever possible we will come back - likely the best place to stay on Tinos with a family!"

Marios, Greece

Villa Tripotamos, june 2018

"Excellent hospitality, great house, delicious breakfast!"